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Djitsun Mall Bedok landscape

Djitsun Mall Bedok

Djitsun Mall Bedok landscape facade
Djitsun Mall Bedok landscape roof
Djitsun Mall Bedok landscape roof garden
Djitsun Mall Bedok landscape façade
Djitsun Mall Bedok landscape garden

Where once stood a neglected structure filled with memories of the old Princess Theatre, now stands Djitsun Mall housing the new Bedok Cinema.


The integrative design approach combines roof garden, hanging planters and extensive ground landscaping around the mall. It aims to provide healthy and comfortable spaces by enhancing indoor and outdoor environmental quality, contributing greatly to energy efficiency of the building, sound insulation, reduction of urban heat effect and stormwater management.


The building, with its unique façade articulation, features a monolithic curtain wall that extends over the green arcade at the lower floor.


The sculptural plant boxes, reminiscent of the seats of the old Princess Theatre, are punctuated with hanging plants in a green monotone palette, with minimal splashes of red on the ground. The green curtains create a visual connection between the vertical and the horizontal planes while bringing the landscape into the indoor space.

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