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Ethnobotany Garden
Singapore Botanic Gardens

SBG Ethnobotany Garden
SBG Ethnobotany Garden
SBG Ethnobotany Garden shelter
SBG Ethnobotany Garden shelter
SBG Ethnobotany Garden stream
SBG Ethnobotany Garden master plan
SBG Ethnobotany Garden sign

Planned on a 1.35 ha. portion of the Singapore Botanic Gardens this garden depicts the local historic introduction of ornamental and crop plant species and their uses among the early settlers of Singapore. The garden is both a visitor destination and a hands-on activity facility for the community and is designed as a depiction of an informal kampong style village.

Using approximately 300 species of plants and accompanied by a comprehensive and engaging interpretive storyline, the garden provides the citizens and visitors of the highly urbanised city with a glimpse of the historical value of many plants and trees that are either common today only as landscape material or have been lost through time. Rather than displaying plants in deliberate compositions only for their visual advantage, through collective research into the cultural history of the region, the design team generated a zoned plan based on a traditional village that allows visitors to experience the plants as they would have originally been utilised, in a combination of naturalistic and cultivated groupings.

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