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Marina Barrage renewal landscape view

Marina Barrage Public Space Renewal

Marina Barrage renewal garden
Marina Barrage renewal garden swale
Marina Barrage renewal entry garden
Marina Barrage renewal garden
Marina Barrage renewal garden path

The design team led by Zarch Collaboratives Architectural Studio conceived a plan that uses a series of large inverted parasol-like structures that march through the entrance landscape, giving the needed weather protection and forming a great white allee that reduces the impact of the imposing concrete walls of the barrage facility.


Surrounding the parasols is an ABC Waters demonstration garden consisting of an undulating landscape composed of a network of small mounds and valleys, a constructed topography that contains micro-scaled water catchment areas representing the regional watershed and which drain into a series of vegetated swales, bioretention swales and a central bioretention basin. 


A secondary path serves as one beginning point of the Marina Barrage’s "Arts Trail", a collection of public art pieces that are placed in the landscape, and it will also link to the future subway station to the facility.


The overall space, with interpretative information on the ABC Waters programme forms a new first impression of the Marina Barrage to visitors approaching from the main carpark and transportation drop-off point.

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