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Windsor Nature Park

Windsor Nature Park Main Entrance
Windsor Nature Park Wetlands and Bridge.jpg
Windsor-Open Pavilion with Green Roof.jpg
Windsor Bridge.jpg
Windsor Nature Park-Boardwalk and Reforestation.jpg
Windsor Nature Park-Elevated Boardwalk at Drongo Trail.jpg
Windsor Nature Park-Viewing Deck Visitor's Centre.jpg

Located on the eastern edge of Singapore’s Central Catchment Nature Reserve, Windsor Nature Park serves as a staging point for visitors entering the reserve, as well as a recreational and educational destination for the community. 


Specific elements of the design programme include an entrance node with visitor centre, offices, parking and a regeneration/demonstration forest; improvements and additions to the existing trails and boardwalks; reforestation and embellishment of the secondary forest at all layers with native species as needed along the trails; and addition of special visitor features, interpretative/way-finding elements, and a wetlands habitat.


The planning of the visitor’s experience of Windsor Nature Park takes advantage of several sequential zones according to the existing conditions and character of the site. While the Entrance Node is planned as a self-contained educational and recreational facility it also serves as the starting point of the main trail leading into the CCNR and toward the Tree Top Walk.

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