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Landscape Architecture

Singapore  •  Manila

Creating what people do outdoors

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Our Practice


Land Design One is a landscape architectural practice based in Singapore and Manila, providing services within the public and private sectors locally and to all of Asia and neighbouring regions.

We bring a diversity of influences and backgrounds to our work in order to shape or reshape the landscape in a way that is responsive to the environmental and social criteria of each assignment. With an approach that is human-centric, creative and collaborative, Land Design One diligently delivers valuable solutions to project teams and clients, creating places that are captivating and functional as well as made resilient and future-proof.  We focus on a working method that will bring results that are nothing less than ideal for our clients, the users, the community, and the earth.


We are registered as a recognised practice with the Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects.

Our People

Land Design One is made up of a team of designers and technicians committed to doing our part in bringing together urban and natural environments for the benefit of people.
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Our Vision


We design the landscape with a simple goal, to connect people and place, now and for the future.

  • To practise environmental stewardship, the establishment of meaningful and liveable communities, and the cultivation of the natural link between people and the land.

  • To avoid imposing or repeating a common style on projects, allowing form and expression to emerge from the qualities of the site and the conditions of the programme.

  • To reveal the interconnected stories that emerge between a site’s inhabitants and users and the structures and systems of life that are present.

  • To begin with the essence of the place, creating landscapes and experiences that are meaningful and coherent.

  • To be mindful that the landscape knows no boundaries and is that part of the built environment experienced and shared by everyone.

Our Approach


We take on our projects asking ourselves questions as a guide to lead through a design process based both on logical and creative thinking.

  • How can we best design for the people using or affected by the landscape?

  • Where are the opportunities on the site that we can capitalise on?

  • Consider the past–how can we use history to create a story in the landscape?

  • Consider the future–how can we make this landscape age well?

  • How can we best contribute to the project team?

  • What are the clients telling us?

  • Who are all the stakeholders and how can we integrate their needs and desires?

  • How can we respect and enhance the natural systems of the site?

  • Where can we find places for trees, our most valuable natural asset and the principal element of the urban forest?

  • Where can we reveal and enrich the beauty of the site and how can we create a memorable place?

Our Accomplishments

Over the years our efforts at Land Design One have brought results that we can be proud of, from a substantial project portfolio to a growing list of awards and qualifications.



  • HDB Design Awards, To-Be-Built Housing: Certificate of Merit, 2015, St.George’s Towers, Singapore

  • Asia Pacific Property Award, Best Commercial Landscape Architecture (Philippines), 2016, SouthPark District, Muntinlupa, Philippines

  • HDB Design Awards, Rejuvination, 2016, Remaking Our East Coast, Upgrading of East Coast N8 Neighbourhood Centre, Singapore

  • HDB Design Awards, Rejuvination, 2016, Remaking Our East Coast, Upgrading of East Coast N3 Neighbourhood Centre, Singapore

  • IFLA Asia-Pacific Region Landscape Architecture Awards: Honourable Mention, 2017, Windsor Nature Park, Singapore

  • SILA Awards: Gold Award, Parks and Public Spaces, 2017, Windsor Nature Park, Singapore

  • Green Mark Platinum, Windsor Nature Park, Singapore

  • Green Mark Gold, Ethnobotany Garden – Singapore Botanic Gardens

  • FuturArc Green Leadership Award, Urban Category - Winner, 2019, Windsor Nature Park, Singapore

  • IFLA Asia-Pacific Region Landscape Architecture Awards: Award of Excellence, 2019, Ethnobotany Garden – Singapore Botanic Gardens

  • SILA Awards: Silver Award, Parks and Public Spaces, 2019, Ethnobotany Garden – Singapore Botanic Gardens

  • SILA Awards: Merit Award, Commercial, 2019, Djitsun Mall Bedok, Singapore



  • Recognised Practice, Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects
  • Accredited Landscape Architect, Singapore Landscape Architects Accreditation: Neal Samac, Kathleen Hazel Lacsina
  • Registered Landscape Architect, California USA: Brian Baker
  • Registered Landscape Architect, Philippines: Neal Samac, Kathleen Hazel Lacsina, Maria Lenna Joson-Ong, Eunice Joy Collera
  • Registered Architect, Philippines: Jerald Cotaco
  • ABC Waters Specialist, Singapore: Kathleen Hazel Lacsina
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